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Homogennous and integrated system with reliable experience of ... excellence and creativity.
A leading company
providing creative ideas and successful implementation method in the event industry,
serving the community with developed and cultural thought.

Making a difference for your event..

The Middle East Exhibitions works according to the strategic vision through a work force specialized in the creation, development and implementation of ideas professionally in the industry of diverse that concern the society such as conferences, exhibitions and events...

Conferences & forums
A leading establishment in providing creation & implementation of ideas within the various and developed events, in order to serve the community with developed and cultural ideology.

We implement projects in a professional marketing way that is in the interest of all parties, by the specialized work force that harnesses all capabilities, modern knowledge and smart technology.

Organizing specialized and consumer Exhibitions and attracting participants locally and internationally. Middle East Exhibitions is a member of the Arab Union for International Exhibitions Conferences (AUIEC), BPA and UFI.
Equipment & construction
Expertise in developing virtual exhibitions, building stands, as well international and local marketing.

Training courses and workshops
Organizing workshops, courses, seminars, printing content and coordinating with local & international stakeholders through e-mail, and receiving attendees, and providing scientific content and accredited certificates.
Virtual exhibitions
Expertise in developing virtual exhibitions, building stands, as well international and local marketing.

Logistics services and Documentation
We provide logistics services, solutions, technical and administrative consultations. Documenting works and forums in all their details from the inception of the idea to the final implementation all appear in a detailed report.
Events & registration management
We believe that the goal of organizing and managing registration and events is to excel in achieving its goal, which focuses on managing all the details in a coherent way with a high degree of professionalism.

Openings & events management
The event management & launching team provides hospitality in all forums, including all services from preparation, organization, hospitality, printing, reception, invitations and high-quality promotional gifts.


Our exhibitions dates

  • The International KITCHEN EXPO
    Includes the ceramics, and health tools and other services
  • Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center Kingdom of Saudi arabia - Riyadh

  • ARiyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center Kingdom of Saudi arabia - Riyadh

Digital marketing

SMS Sending

Sending marketing emails

Social media advertising campaign planning

Posting on social networking

Newspapers & magazines electronic publishing

Co-ordination with social media celebrities



Advertising and media coverage based on the needs and aspirations of our customers by providing an integrated plan.

Designing special brochures, promotional gifts, trophies, and uniforms

Designing promotional gifts for forums, National Day and symbolic occasions.

Internal & external banners

External road boards

SMS and electronic invitations

Emails & electronic spread

Social media ads

Electronic newspapers

Social media Celebrities

TV ads & coverages