Homogenous and integrated system with reliable experience of excellence and creativity.
The mission
The middle east exhibitions is working with strategic vision and team work specialized in the creation, development and implementation of ideas with a most professional way regarding the industry of diverse events that concern the community such as conferences and exhibitions.. also, to transfer the global successful experiences of others which are in line with the culture and nature of the community, for its considered unprecedented growing industry locally and regionally in the services of society and economy.
The vision
A leading establishment in providing creation & implementation of ideas within the various and developed events, in order to serve the community with developed and cultural ideology.

CEO Speech


  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is going steady and confident about motivating and encouraging all industries and services, to reduce dependence on oil policy according to what is commonly known of official economic plan, as confirmed by His Royal Highness Prince / Mohammed bin Salman Crown Crown Prince, Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense when he said in letter :

    “We will open wide space to the private sector By encouraging & make its business easer, to grow & become one of the largest economies in the world, to hiring citizens, achieving prosperity to both citizens & country. This promise based on cooperation & partnership in taking responsibility “.

    Whereas the kingdom targeting a number of economic sectors, such as health and pharmaceutical, the education, the financial, the tourism, exhibitions and conferences, and the agricultural sector, and food, petrochemicals, energy, and others,This will encourage growth and increase investment to those sectors, with no doubt this stimulates the growth of these sectors and will direct impact on the growth, expansion and prosperity of the market and Saudi economy in its both sides productive and consumer which will benefit both side of economy and consumer equation, by increase productive companies profit and diversity and improve the quality and lifetime of the product offered to the consumer, From here we bay attention about the necessity to be part of 2030 plan, support it and join together by participating and activating tourism, conferences and exhibitions sector, by offering space and time and the necessity, organized and media plan to ease implementation professional and international exhibitions, among atmosphere offer to both sides to achieve their goals through several products able to achieve everyone needs.


Our exhibitions dates

  •     2  -   5   December    2019
  • Fourseasons Hotel - Riyadh

  •     2  -   4   March    2020
  • Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center - Riyadh

  • lialykhair Show
  • Al Khuzama Hall for Events and Conferences - Riyadh

Our Strategy


   Identify the latest developments in the society's issues on various economic, social, cultural and other aspects, and monitor and follow up its developments and try to present it in development and civilization forms, investments in practical solutions and scientific and practical suggestions to reflect its benefits on all involved parties.

   Continues cooperation with all government & private sector, community service organizations, visionaries who has civilized, intelligent and develop thinking, to serve the community in various business activities, according to vision and mission of the company.

   Build strategic relationship, renewing, expanding and communicate with customers to transform commercial partnership to strategic one.

   Participate with others to develop safe growth industry, for win - win investment, as a part of comprehensive development for society and economy.


Number of clients


Number of workshops


Number of conferences


Number of exhibitions

other services

   Continues thinking to create creative ideas to serve various objectives activities which already presented or new useful ideas that serve various activities concern to society.

   Studying innovative creative ideas within specialized team inside and outside the company, in cooperation with specialized consultants, to produce smart and effective outcomes.

   Study some ideas and international experiences and simulated or transferred in cooperation with the concessionaires to serve community.

   Prepare professional executive plans, to put these creative ideas into practice.

   The results of every activity in all its details from the birth of the idea until the last moment in the implementation are results appear in a detailed report in a professional and unprecedented in our Arab world and these results are the property of all to the media community and multiple sectors and the company deals with this results accurately and professionalism and transparency.

   Society is the aim of the company's activity, which is primarily related to the outputs of such activities of conferences, exhibitions, and so on. Therefore, society in all its categories is invited as a partner in manufacture this ambition and this success to support the company with ideas and visions that it serve it the goals and aspirations of the company.

   The company cooperates with some local, Arab and international related institutions and therefore is invited and a partner in the implementation of executive and marketing plans to ensure the success industry, which must be manufactured by everyone.

Our staff

Bassam Jalawi Al-Shaddadi

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Shamsan

Executive Secretary

Mohammed Nassar


Mustafa Salah

Financial Manager

Mahmoud Ali



Abdullah Al-Harbi

Public and government relations

Ahmed Ali

Sales representative

Shamand Najmeldin



Project Manager


Sales representative


Sales representative

Eman Alaasmi

Sales representative

Mariam Almogbil

Sales representative

Alanoud Almouri

Sales representative

Eman Shabana

Sales representative

Rajsa Alsubaie

Sales representative

Asmaa Abojubara

Sales representative


Public Relations Officer


Information Technology


Representative of social media


Office Services