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Middle East Exhibitions Services

1) Planning and thinking in order to create new ideas and to develop them as well as providing distinctive offers for its implementation.

2) Prepare the strategic executive and marketing plans and administrative structure which is consistent with the plan in co-ordination with concessionaire to implement events in a professional way through qualified and specialized team work.

3) The best choice for human, time, location, technology and information as well as the necessary procedures to implement the events in a professional way and satisfactory to the concessionaire.

4) Provide the necessary studies and consultations the fit our partners in success which will ensure the best mental image in the community as well as development of services and products for our customers.

5) Various marketing means for all events implemented by the company for its partners in success all relevant and beneficiaries and for largest possible Number of people in general and relevant individuals that achieve added value to their participation in the events.

6) Providing all services relevant to the event whether its technical production, designs, means of shows, public relations services m hotel services, transportation, and other services needed in the implementation of the events.

7) Evaluation and review of each event and determine the pros and cons to avoid it in the coming events as well as preparation of detail report in service of our partners, media and community .