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About Us

The vision

A leading establishment in providing creation & implementation of ideas within the various and developed events, in order to serve the community with developed and cultural ideology.


The mission

The middle east exhibitions is working with strategic vision and team work specialized in the creation, development and implementation of ideas with a most professional way regarding the industry of diverse events that concern the community such as conferences and exhibitions.. also, to transfer the global successful experiences of others which are in line with the culture and nature of the community, for its considered unprecedented growing industry locally and regionally in the services of society and economy.


  • 1. Update with all developments in the society issues on various aspects of economic ,cultural social etc.. and also follow up and monitor its developments as well as trying to elaborate it as useful cultural and development events offering scientific and practical solutions for the benefit of the society.

  • 2. Participate with others in the development and evolution of the industry of events, whether conferences, exhibitions or other events that considered part of overall development of the community.

  • 3. The continuous collaboration with governmental and private entities and organizations serving the society as well as consultants and visionaries to serve the community in various events with the vision and mission of company.

  • 4. Implementation of various events in and professional marketing way carried out by specialized team work invest all personal abilities and knowledge of modern and smart technology.

  • 5. On going development in the process of continuous training and smart use for the team work to ensure the implementation of activities in a professional and high quality .

  • 6. The best use for modern technology in the world of events in all aspects which lead to developed and continuous success for the satisfaction of community and relevant authorities .

  • Our Exhibitions